Never is a plateau separable from the cows that populate it, which are also the clouds in the sky.1

Monsoonal Multiplicities is an exhibition of work arising from a five-year engagement with the monsoon in India, Bangladesh, London and Myanmar by the European Research Council funded project, Monsoon Assemblages. It offers visitors a virtual experience of the monsoon by following stories of entangled beings, energies, infrastructures, life- worlds, matters, technologies and knowledge practices and their mobilisation by colonial and neo-colonial agendas.

In March 2021 Monsoon Assemblages will host a programme of online events, a walking tour and an artists’ residency in London to coincide with the launch of the exhibition. Bookings can be made at Eventbrite.

Monsoonal Multiplicities can be viewed on tablet, laptop and desktop devices.

1 G, Deleuze and F. Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia, trans. B. Massumi, London, Continuum, 1987, p. 23.

Monsoonal Multiplicities






Monsoon Assemblages